…and breathe

Soothe [verb] gently calm (a person or their feelings).

It’s the first word I think of when I remember this moment. Soothed by the space, the rhythm of the waves, the breeze. Soothed by the freedom to let my feet and my mind wander where they choose. Deeply relaxed, uplifted and inspired all at the same time. It’s a place where I’m at my most creative, decisive, purposeful – perhaps the place where I feel most like me.

There are times when the gap between these moments is too long. My body feels tired, my mind cluttered and restless, my actions less fluid, less instinctive. What I need most is to pause – to breathe out. Instead I push harder, further, longer.

Until I get here.

There’s something about this landscape – this space – that encourages me to pause. Gently quietens, soothes, restores me. Some of my best ideas have started here and on the beach above. I’ve made some of my best decisions here. I’ve regained my confidence and energy here.

For a long time it felt self-indulgent to take these pauses. To step back when there was work to be done, rather than push on. I’ve learned to feel more at ease with this now, to cast my glance onto other things for a while. I’ve realised that it’s the space around things that is just as important as the thing itself – with space comes perspective, clarity, room to breathe.

These are the landscapes that inspire and soothe me, the spaces that help me pause and make sense of things. I’m a better facilitator, coach and person because of them.

2 Replies to “…and breathe”

  1. Loving your first blog, well done for taking the plunge. Since the Royal College of OT conference where I had the pleasure of hearing you present, I’ve been following you on twitter and enjoying your tweets. I’m trying hard to find that space too, where I allow myself the time to be free from the chatter in my head and urge to just keep going. Your tweets help as a general reminder I’m not alone and to keep trying. Thank you @OTdeborah


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Debbie, really appreciate it and glad my first blog resonated with you. The conference was such a special moment wasn’t it, still think back to it regularly and the energy that was in the room. You’re definitely not on your own Debbie and every time step we take, however small and infrequently, moves us in the right direction. Take care, Kirsten


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