How it all began….

So this is it. The story of how my business started 12 years ago…

In 2006 i sat down with a months salary, a business name and a very empty diary!

“I’ll take away all the safety nets I thought” – pushing away the safe and gradual route to self employment that was on offer – “if I go all out, I’ll have to make it work!”

I didn’t have a business plan or a sharp suit, an elevator pitch or a mission statement, but what I did have was an idea. I wanted to help people (and businesses) have more of those days where they feel confident, capable and energised. I wanted to help people understand what creates those days; and how they can create more of them.

Over the last 12 years I’ve worked with businesses, leaders and teams across so many professions and businesses, from Nursing to Marketing, from Factory Leadership Teams to Occupational Therapists, from Software Engineers to Entrepreneurs, from HR to Librarians – and so many more in between.

I’ve still got the determination, energy and enthusiasm I felt at the beginning, and I still get a huge sense of satisfaction from seeing people progress, develop and feel more confident in what they do.

I wonder what the next 12 years will bring?

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