Are you brave enough to truly look at your culture?

Last night I took part in a great discussion on Leaders Hour* part of which was around inclusiveness, climate and messaging. I think there’s often a mismatch between what’s said formally:

“we value challenge here”

“we’re a progressive organisation

… and what’s felt:

“Ok…so now I’m being left out of that discussion? It seems it’s definitely not a good idea to challenge here”

“let your colleague speak first and pave the way for you, they know how it works around here”

Leading a team or an organisation isn’t just about saying the right thing, or having a policy or a poster that demonstrates your commitment to it. It’s about big and small choices each day, week and month.

It’s about what happens in the canteen as much as the boardroom. It’s about what happens when the business is under immense pressure and when everything is going brilliantly.

It’s about how you respond to challenge, or differences of opinion. It’s the assumptions and judgements your business, leaders and people hold – sometimes without even realising.

That’s when you see the culture or climate of an organisation. That’s what tells you how well or not you’re doing.

Will you be brave enough to truly look today?

I’d love to hear your thoughts & experiences

*Leaders Hour is a weekly twitter chat.

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